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WARNING: Contents Under Pressure

The Musings, Mishaps, and Machinations of FemmePhantom

Quick to scar, slow to heal.
30 August 1985
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Odds are if you're here, you should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

Who is Femmephantom? She is:

- A collector of icons.
- A lurker.
- A writer of wrongs.
- A lover of puns.
- A fangirl/otaku of epic proportions.
- In need of a 12 step program.
- A watcher of far too much anime.
- A watcher of far too many J-Dramas.
- A Sci-fi geek.
- A dork.
- A nerd.
- Mostly easy to get along with.
- Is fond of speaking about herself in third person. (Thanks ladyfaith620.)
- A waster of time.
- A seeker of truth.
- Inquisitive by nature.
- And a lover of music. Except for country.
- Fatalistic at heart.
- A Nerdfighter.
- A Fancy Bastard.
- Ridiculously obsesessed with all things KPOP. Including (but not limited to) DBSK, SUJU, Epik High, Outsider, Big Bang, U-KISS, 2PM, Shinee, and C.N.BLUE.

DBSK Moodtheme is an amalgamation compiled by me, and made byharajukunights and the_candy_box.

DBSK banner made by icebliss.

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a perfect circle, abarai renji, adult swim, aizen sousuke, ancient egypt, anime, anthony bourdain, aqua teen hunger force, army of darkness, avatar: the last airbender, batman, battlestar galactica, big bang, bleach, blood +, blood ties, bollywood, buddhism, chad yatsutora, comics, comparative religion, cowboy bebop, dark angel, dbsk, devil may cry, dorama, dr. who, dresden files, eddie izzard, edward elric, epik high, eureka, fanfiction, firefly, fullmetal alchemist, gackt, gintama, godsmack, gojyo, goku, gong yoo, grimmjow jaegerjaques, hakkai, hana kimi, hanuman, harry potter, harvey birdman, hayao miyazaki, henry rollins, hinduism, hisagi shuuhei, home movies, horror movies, ichigo kurosaki, ichimaru gin, icons, ikkaku madarame, india, inuyasha, invader zim, j drama, jacob black, jdrama, jpop, kdrama, kevin smith, kpop, kuchiki byakuya, kuchiki rukia, kurosagi, kurosaki ichigo, kurosaki isshin, kyouraku shunsui, lupin the third, madarame ikkaku, maes hughes, merry gentry, metalocalypse, monty python, moonlight, movies, mst3k, muse, music, mythology, neil gaiman, nine inch nails, nobuta wo produce, nodame cantabile, ouran high school host, ouran host club, phantom of the opera, rammstein, reading, renruki, riddick, riza hawkeye, rob zombie, robot chicken, rock, rogan, rogue, roy mustang, royai, rukia kuchiki, rurouni kenshin, saiyuki, samurai champloo, samurai deeper kyo, sanzo, serenity, shun oguri, spike spiegel, sully erna, sung kang, super junior, system of a down, tattoos, the fairly oddparents, the venture bros, toma ikuta, tool, trigun, trinity blood, tvxq, twilight, urahara kisuke, vampire knight, venture brothers, vin diesel, wolverine, writing, x-men, yamane ayano, yamapi, yamashita tomohisa, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yu yu hakusho, yumichika ayasegawa, zaraki kenpachi